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tv   [untitled]    March 21, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> we rise for the national anthem. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and
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justice for all. i am going to call roll-call. [roll-call] you have the form. >> please call line item #one. >> general public comment. the public gives us to address items but do not appear on the agenda -- the public is asked to address items that do not appear on the agenda. >> i am the outreach director of
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the libertarian party. i think the city continues to spend too much resources prosecuting victimless crimes or crimes where there is no one who wants to file charges. hopefully the fact it is higher profile will lead to more justice for ordinary people. good i would like you to consider giving back the peace powers of the control specialist who are more community-days. there has been and who resistance -- there has been resistance with this. to many prosecutions of things like people riding bikes on
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sidewalks, things which are not contributing to our actual crime well murders and serious assaults people have to wait to get justice. we would like to see dedication to violent crime, more sensitivity to civil liberties, and greater transparency. it would be good to see data about each officer. i think the public has a right to know what people are doing if they are paid public salaries over six figures a year in many cases. we have right to know who the bad apples are. officers who are involved in
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shootings or excessive force, their names should be made public. people have right to know. there are three listed. i think it would be nice to go through those cases and see what the holdup is. why aren't they being resolved? thank you. >> we do not usually respond to things, but for the record, domestic violence is not a
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victimless crime. >> people have to -- there has to be a victim. >> line item 2a. >> good evening. crime is flat so far this year. total violence is almost exactly the same as last year. homicides are down 31%, and with relation to our focus the efforts on violent crime, shots fired are down 13%, and victims are down over 50%, which would explain the peace dividend as well, so i think we have our strategy in place and will try
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to keep focusing on violent crime, as the other seems to be taking care of itself. we were busy last week. they could of outstanding photos trying to reduce cellphone and electronic device robberies, which present themselves in about 70% of robberies across the country. if we could get a handle on that, it would greatly reduce robberies in the city. we have facilitated a forum. we also did a, kids program.
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we participated in to save patrick's day parade. we took our future high-school program to marshall. we took collins. i thought it was productive, and yesterday i was in san diego for a conference on fraud management issues -- crowd management issues. i visited hong kong. they met with members of hong kong police to exchange information. we are finalizing our of plans for an easter egg hunt. it is going to be march 31. goowe have secured a basketball
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courts for our first annual basketball tournament for boys and girls throughout the city. i am mentioning these days, because often these things come and go. give the boss of the tournament is april 28. we are also working wesith the district attorney's office. i spoke with cheryl davis to get back on track with our jobs ferrifairs, and we will be workg with the mayor's office for the public safety press conference,
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and that just about concludes my report unless someone has questions. goo>> i am really happy to see u are pushing a cellphone campaign in connection with crime. the commissioners receive daily recaps on crimes that occur in the city, and it is apparent the large numbers of attributable or connected with cellphone, smart phones in particular, and i am not surprised to hear the high statistic of 70% that you quoted, so it is great that is happening. keep us abreast exactly what is going on and the returns for your efforts that are observed. >> and the further questions?
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line item 2b. >> the evening. how are you? >> i will present february complaint activity, and in february they opened 55 cases, 8% more than last year. they closed more cases than they open. as of february 9 who had 360 pending cases. today they have 373 pending cases. compare that to 400 pending
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cases as of february 28 last year, so we are doing much better than last year, still higher than best practices but lower than 30 cases per investigator. moving to the area of mediations, they mediated three cases in february. 5% of the cases close mediated similar to the allegations. the mediation rate and sustain radar the same -- sustained rate are the same. the monthly summaries as well as adjudication of sustained complaints, and in february, the chief adjudicated three sustained complaints. they were all neglected duty cases.
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the officer failed to log data, and the third when the chiefs would be filing charges. moving back to our reach, in february, we began work translating into arabic, and in completion of the translation to staff will visit the arab cultural and community center to describe our services. go we staff the table at homeless connect, and our mediation coordinator discuss the mediation program after mediation training, and she had the opportunity who speak with commissioner kingsley, and that concludes my report to of recent activities as well as my second report on monthly comprehensive reports for february.
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>> is there any follow-up information for the director? line item 2c. and why it's commission reports and discussion. go -- >> commission reports and discussion. good evenin>> we have a success, the first time it has been held in the history of the city, and it was very long but went extremely well. it turned out to be a positive meeting about what the police are doing in our community. i want to thank everyone for their efforts, and that was a success, and i want to publicly thank supervisor campos and avalos for attending.
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of the highlight of the meeting was the end of the meeting when they use commissioners -- when youth commissioners were driven home. we had our last meeting in the park district. we were hosted by a new captain who did? excellent job -- who did an excellent job. is there any report on the entrance to the park? let's we were out there as a command staff on the following monday. it was in great shape of the time. i went there on sunday. it is more of a work in progress superior -- work in progress. if eds and flows. -- it ebbs and flows.
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i think it is a night and day difference since before the meeting. five is a work in progress. we will stay on top reuter >> commissioners, -- we will stay on that you're a good price commissioners, anything to -- we will stay on that. >> commissioners, anything to respond with salmoh? >> i understand the dgo 310 has been revised, and i want to know who has provided -- revised it and what was the focus.
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i am curious if the commission asked for revision or of the department did. but we can report on that next week. >> thought would be fine -- that would be fine. >> it is updating to reflect some of the practices that are currently happening at the firearms discharge review board and restructure it so it makes sense. that is not a major. >> i would ask the we get a copy of the calendar so we can see if we have issues. >> thank you, dr. marshall. life i have been in touch -- >> i have been in touch. probably sometime in april they will come to the show, and i will let you know when.
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bikes i just want to follow up on what director hicks said. i thought it done and was able to speak with her, but she introduced me to three volunteer mediators. each one had a very impressive things to say about our programs mediator, and i wanted to share that with you. give the other thing but was -- the other thing that was impressive is the they were mining for more mediators among a large group of professionals, seasoned mediators, so have off to her. i wanted to say thank you. >> anything further?
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let's move on to line item 2d. >> sorry. i just wanted to follow up on the joint commission meeting. i think all of us received a welcome 7 of -- welcome set of reintegrations. i just want to see when we should schedule about 40 gun >> we should take a closer look of some of the recommendations. a lot of those were not discussed that evening, so you and i should see what is rele vant and reduce those and see what was in our scope. we should follow up.
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i keep getting emails, and they are pretty excited. >> so we should -- >> april 4 is fine with me. >> i understand we have candidates who are qualified to be our paralegal or court clerk, and i am wondering if we can put it on the agenda to move on that. >> i spoke with the mayor, and she said there are qualified applicants. >> if we could set that, given
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that they will be the most impacted. >> we are used to this process, so we are hapy to get it going. >> we thought we had it before. no pressure on you two. i now call for public comment regarding items 2a, b, c, or d. >> apologies. it felt like it looked like i was insensitive to domestic violence.
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for any crime, if there is no person who wants to press charges, i don't think the government should intervene. i wanted to ask what is happening with the over 300 cases currently pending. >> they are all under investigation. >> are members allowed to respond to any of this? >> i have to give you leeway because it is not that busy this evening. >> i would urge the commission to consider revising this.
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i thought it was a great idea to have the mayor answer questions. it would help me to knkow what you guys are thinking on this stuff. there is stuff that ameliorates stuff on the surface that is bad. the public does not know what is going on. i have read lots about the patrol specialist cannot get people hired. the occ has all these pending
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cases, only 5% contained. i suspect the true number is higher and is not being acted upon. i would urge you to investigate that. having the department listed, the salary, any incidents when they were accused of excessive force, that would be helpful. >> public comment is closed. please call item number 3. >> discussion to declare property as


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